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Benchmark Performance Safety Harness Pass Thru


When upgrading your UTV factory safety harnesses to 4pt. or 5pt. harnesses...most users find that the new harnesses do not work or fit like they should.   This becomes a issue of comfort but more importantly an issue of safety.  Proper safety harness use should place the lap belt low across the hips and not across the stomach.  Also, shoulder straps should ride high on the shoulders and pull you down into the seat.  Improper use of the safety harness can cause injury even in a small crash. 


Benchmark Performance Safety Harness Pass Thru modify the pathway of the safety harness when using stock seats.  They allow the shoulder strap to pass thru the seat and properly secure the rider into the seat.




*Note- 4pt. Restraint Systems require 2 pair.  



Safety Harness Pass Thru

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